Welcome to Yara Childcare Centres!

My child has been attending Yara Childcare for a month. I am very happy to see his interpersonal skills develop so quickly. The last thing that parents want is to be worried about their children when not with them. I am content the way he had been going. Keep up the good work team. 

~Hitashree Jadhav


The childcare is a very lovely environment for the children. All levels of staff are friendly and courteous. When i walk through the hallway everyone is so cheerful and always saying hello. I like how the educators pick up the children's names so quickly, also the communication between educators and parents is very open. Thank you for watching my kids and ensuring that they are in a safe environment. You're all doing a fantastic job!!



My child has been at Yara Childcare for 1 year and I am extremely pleased with the education and care at the centre. The staff are very friendly and they tell us as parents everything we need to know. 

~Sadia Hassan


My child attends Yara Childcare Centres for the past 6 months. The educators have been very supportive and are really connected to the children. The centre has a real cosy feel and I love being involved in all of the extra curricular activities that they offer.

~Jashashree Nayak


I would like to say thank you for the continued support in having the Maternal and Child Health Nurse Program attend the Yara Childcare Centres. This program has been very successful and has been positively received by the families, to attain assessments for their children during their work hours. Your support in having me attend the centre to complete children's 'Key Age and Stage' assessments has been excellent over the past six months. The Yara Childcare staff have always been very professional and friendly and have provided great support to myself, during a child's assessment. This program has allowed me to provide feedback to families and staff, regarding their children's behavioural concerns, vaccinations, physical and social development and kindergarten/school readiness. It is a privilege to attend the Yara Childcare Centres in 2017 and I look forward to continuing this partnership.

~Libby Singleton 

Maternal and Child Health Nurse