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Hey Dee Ho Music Program

Yara Childcare Centres work hand in hand with the Hey Dee Ho music program, as it has many benefits for children's development such as:

• Cognitive learning

• Fine and gross motor skills

• Visual and auditory processing and memory

• Language development

• Stimulate imagination and active role-play

• Self control and turn taking (social skills)

Hey Dee Ho music, kicks off with our singing and Auslan signing sessions. We use basic Auslan sign language to illustrate the lyrics of various songs. When signing is used in conjunction with verbal language it enhances comprehension and expression as well as aid in improving communication skills. Children also recognise the signing sequences and align the learning of sign language with facial expressions, vocalisations, body gestures and eye contact.
Through signing, children become aware of differences between people and it broadens their understanding of the world in which they live.
Music and sign language engages both sides of the brain and is an important part of our program for all age groups.
Each week we present musical experiences within a structure to assist many aspects of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Each section of the program addresses several aspects of EYLF, however, each class is dynamic and revolves around the children’s input and participation. For more information visit www.heydeeho.com.au